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Fundraising Rewards

As a Komen fundraiser, we know you give your time, passion, and dedication to giving back to your community. We want to show you how much we appreciate your efforts and accomplishments in going the extra mile to make the biggest impact possible in the fight against breast cancer.

The more you fundraise the more you get rewarded! All fundraising (for incentives) is due to the Komen Kansas City office no later than October 31, 2015!

Shop Komen Gift Card

Fundraising incentives will be awarded at the following levels:

  • $218 raised = $20 Gift Card
  • $300 raised  = $25 Gift Card
  • $500 raised = $50 Gift Card
  • $1,000 raised = $100 Gift Card
  • $2,500 raised  = $150 Gift Card
  • $5,000 raised = $200 Gift Card
  • $7,500 raised = $250 Gift Card
  • $10,000 raised = $300 Gift Card

Go to (using this link) to see the amazing products you can purchase with your gift cards! You'll get a gift card in recognition of your fundraising efforts and Komen Kansas City receives a donation for every purchase you make through! (The donation actually happens anytime you shop using the link above no matter what time of the year you make a purchase)!

Every dollar makes and impact - Thank you for everything you do!