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2016 Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Race for the Cure

Stridin' for Cures

Our 2016 Race for the Cure is returning to Union Station!

This year’s Race will be Sunday, August 14th…and we hope you can join us!

We’ll have a great time while being an important part of Komen’s efforts to END BREAST CANCER FOREVER!!!

Why Race?

For MANY reasons!!!

To us, it represents hope, and thriver-ship!

Having lost too many friends and family…working through Komen more than ever before, gives us hope that one day, no one will have to die from breast cancer.

Each day 108 women die from breast cancer. Over 90% are because it has metastasized (growing in other parts of the body). One of our beautiful young friends battled metastatic breast cancer for over 11 years…participating in 7 clinical trials…trials that helped her live to enjoy seeing her young boys grow into their college and high school years…trials that were only possible because of research...and funding from support like yours and ours.

Friends and family with metastatic cancer are facing many challenges most of us don’t understand. Besides supporting them on a personal level, we hope working through Komen, we can work to breakdown barriers, clarify misperceptions, and energize science to find answers…so they (and we) may enjoy a long quality of life!

This year, even more than ever…we run for life!!!

Please join us in this quest!!!


Cheryl Jernigan & Melanie Bowman Team Co-Captains

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